KEZIZ! Zizek Gets It Backwards [at AGENT SWARM]

KEZIZ! Zizek Gets It Backwards [at AGENT SWARM] schizo terence blake

Terence Blake has shared his own critical part at AGENT SWARM, by posting two incisive and suggestive entries on Zizek’s misreading of Deleuze’s intensive reading.

[Conceptually ‘Plushed’]: An erratic but joyful idea…

[Conceptually 'Plushed'] An erratic but joyful idea… schizo affective zizek - featured

What plush monster is not already an affective conception?

Deleuze, Žižek & Trolls

Deleuze, Zizek  & Trolls schizo

Zizek’s main aim of his OwB book was in fact and literally to ‘troll’ Deleuze.