The sense of being

Consciousness is something external, virtual. It is a deception that is re-created from a single movement: the sense of perception. Does the being have any sense? The answer is absolutely affirmative. The man is a mimetic imperative of the universe, a sign of creation, the excuse of its re-presentation. It is said that the hu-man is in his being the collapse of creation: with a time in his thinking, and with a space in his body: with a source or internal principle, and with an external end. Being re-presents the meaning of creation: is a time that is fused with the matter and that generates a body. In the creation of the universe the matter collapses with time and explodes: it was a virtual flashed flame of relativity in which we were engaged, and which we exist in a temporal way. While colliding with the leathery axis of time, the matter begins to create a sense: it begins to rotate on its axis. The matter is thus combined in an alchemical and humorous spirality, which re-creates stars and suns. The being then re-creates the human body in its own chemistry, as a faithful trace of life, of the collapse, of the flashed flame, and of the cosmic death. The spiral has actually a double meaning which is composed of a sense and its consequent counter-sense: their swaying shapes the matter and the image of the universe. Continue reading