[Conceptually 'Plushed']: An erratic but joyful idea…

[Conceptually 'Plushed'] An erratic but joyful idea… schizo affective zizek - featured

What plush monster is not already an affective conception?

Deleuze, Žižek & Trolls

Deleuze, Zizek  & Trolls schizo

Zizek’s main aim of his OwB book was in fact and literally to ‘troll’ Deleuze.

Deleuze’s Intensive Reading (IV): Reading With Love


Deleuze is giving us the clue here to understand how intensive reading works.

Deleuze’s Intensive Reading (I): Ars Amatoria, Ars Critica


It cannot be but through the intensive reading of the work of an admired author that is possible to reach the singularities that compose and give consistency to his thought.